At Long Last The Michael Kors MK5128

After nearly 2 years of pining for a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch I finally own on. I have loved these watched since they first became a popular thing amongst the blogging community but not being one to jump on the hype straight away it took me a long time before I finally decided that I needed one in my life, or on my wrist.

As this is quite a heft purchase for me I made sure that I did my research in to all of the different styles of watch from Michael Kors. I even tried a few different ones on as I know they are quite a chunky watch and I only have small wrists.

I finally made the decision to get the MK5128 in rose gold and I adore it. I love the chunkiness of the watch its quite a masculine size but the rose gold makes it super feminine. I had to have 4 links taken out of the strap but now it fits my wrist perfectly and doesn't look out of place on a small wrist. 

This is probably one of my most expensive purchases but I adore it already and I am so glad that I finally have it. I have already had quite a few comments on my watch in particularly in the colour as I guess rose gold is still quite a unique colour if you aren't in the blogging world.

1 comment:

  1. I love it!!! This is the same one as me!!!! <3


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