A/W Bucket List - Go to a fireworks display - Done

On the 24th October we ticked off the our first task of my Autumn Winter bucket list. We took Thomas to his very first fireworks display. I was a little nervous as Thomas gets a bit nervous with really loud noises, you can't do drilling around him because it scares him. He's sensitive is my little pud.

It's a shame the photos are pants but they are just off our phones I didn't want to lug my big camera just in case anything happened to it.


I took Thomas out of his pushchair when the fireworks started as I new he would get a little jumpy with the loud noises but after the first few he was mesmerized by them. 

 Look at those tired eyes, that's the only bad thing about fireworks displays is that they start too late for really little ones. We went to one at a local school but even that didn't start until after 7

Have you been to any Firework displays yet this year?

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