A/W Bucket List - Make Lots of lobby - Done

Woohoo I have ticked off another thing on my Autumn Winter bucket list and I have made a big batch of lobby. You know it's turning to winter when all you crave is a big steaming bowl of lobby. The best thing is that it is completely Slimming World friendly! Yep I have started back on Slimming World again. For the past couple of months my diet has been shocking and it's gotten to the point where I am constantly eating crap and I just feel so uncomfortable in myself and permanently bloated. So I knew it was about time to get something done.

In case you have never heard of Lobby before it is basically what we call stew where I live. I haven't actually made it since Thomas has been eating proper solid foods and he tried some tonight and he loved it and basically helped me eat it hence why he is floating around on the photo waiting for me to feed him some more so I will definitely have to give him his own bowl next time I make it.

What is your ultimate winter dish?

1 comment:

  1. Ultimate winter dish is DEFINITELY a big bowl of lobby!!!


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