Can I pull off a red lip?*

Let me just start off by saying I am not a fan of bright lips on myself, on others they look fab and I am always jealous of those who can pull off these beautiful bright lips but for me they scare me. I just don't feel that they suit me at all and I always feel so self conscious wearing a brighter lip colour I normally stick to pinks and paler colours. I also think that people might think I look silly as they aren't use to seeing me with such a bright colour on my lips.

I was recently sent Devils Darling from Smooch Cosmetics to try out now I wasn't asked which colour I would like to try so when I opened it I was a bit shocked at this scary red lipstick that appeared before me when I took off the lid.

Now I must say I do love the shade it is a classic red lipstick a pure red. My only problem with this lipstick is that is smudges even with Lipcote over the top as soon as you talk, eat or drink it's moved. now I know this isn't normal of Smooch lipsticks because I have tried lipsticks from them before and never had this problem. Or am I missing a trick? is there a better way to apply bright colours so that they don't smudge?

Look how beautiful the colour is

I'm still undecided about red lips on me, I know it will never be an everyday colour maybe I might dare to wear it out over the Christmas period.

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