Chad Valley Train Table Review*

Thomas loves playing with cars and trains he loves pushing them around but he has never had a track before so I knew he would be over the moon with this train table as it is a train track and a road with cars so he has the best of both worlds.

The train table comes in flat pack form with pretty easy to follow instructions and I managed to build this on my own and it didn't really take me that long to be honest. Although it seemed like some of the holes for the screws weren't properly matched up and I'm pretty sure that wasn't just me doing it wrong. For me the most time consuming thing was setting the 90 piece track and scenery up.

I love that the table is so brightly coloured and it looks fab for toddlers and makes it more interesting for them to play with. The table is just the right size too it it tall enough for toddlers to be able to stand up and play with it but also when your child gets taller they will be able to sit down and still play with it.

When you have the table out for your child to play with it, it isn't too big that it takes over the room and gets in the way so you wont get sick of seeing it.

As you can see Thomas loves playing with his train track and will stand there for ages pushing his train along the track and making all the noises to go with the train and cars. I'm really impressed with this toy for the price which is around the £40 mark it is brilliant you can get similar tables for a lot more but this one is fab all of the pieces feel really good quality. Sometimes when Thomas gets frustrated he can quite a bit heavy handed which I was worried about when playing with this but everything is really good quality wood so I think they will last for a long time.

If you are thinking of getting one of these tables I would definitely say get it, you wont regret it and your son or daughter will love it just like Thomas does. I really think this is a must have present if you have a little train fanatic what do you think? This was our dream toy this year but I can't believe it didn't make it on to the dream toys 2013 list which you can find here if you are needing a bit of present inspiration to see what the most popular toys are this year.

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  1. The boys love their train table probably the best toy we ever brought them !


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