Ella's Kitchen My Little Big Meals

Throughout the whole of Thomas's weaning journey he had always been a bit fan of Ella's Kitchen products and so was I it was the main brand I would turn to as I always found there foods to be the most attractive. We tried foods from other brands and there was something about them that I didn't like much they didn't smell great and looked even worse but with products from Ella's Kitchen I never felt like that I always felt like Thomas was getting good quality food.

Ella's Kitchen have recent bought out a new range of products for toddlers who want proper chunky meals and they are bursting with goodness of at least 5 fruit and veg inside each of the dishes. There are 6 tasty new meals in the range.

Full of beans pork stew
Full of colour chicken Paella
Stacked and packed veggie mousaka
Chunky bolognese bake
Beefy beef stew
Creamy coconutty chicken curry 

Each one of the pots looks and smells delicious not the generic baby food smell I have also tasted them myself and they actually taste nice. Even though we don't buy these very often now for Thomas as he mainly eats what we do they are still always handy to have a couple in the cupboard if we need a quick meal or if David and I are having something that isn't suitable for Thomas we can give him one of these and know that he is having a good meal.
The size of these pots are also perfect for a toddlers tummy Thomas always manages to eat pretty much all of it and he isn't left feeling hungry afterwards.
As you can see Thomas loved tucking in to his beef stew and it was
nearly as nice as the one mummy makes.

Are you fans of Ella's Kitchen?

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