Get Fit For Christmas *

I have recently joined a gym and started back on Slimming World in order to try and look my best in time for Christmas. I started this year with the goal of loosing my baby weight and I near enough did it but ever since I stopped going Slimming World earlier in the year I have been eating rubbish food like it's going out of fashion and I was slowly putting weight back on and I knew I had to do something now before it got out of hand and I didn't want to be starting 2014 with the same goals that I started this year with or else I would feel like all my efforts this year had been for nothing.

As I said I made the decision to join the gym, I have been a member of a gym before and I always start out with good intentions and then end up quitting but this time I want to keep up with it so I am trying to to let it get boring and I don't want to stick to a strict schedule as I know that is how I get bored.

I thought I would share with you my mini goals in case you are wanting to shift a couple of pounds before Christmas.

Start watching what you eat
You don't particularly need to start dieting but cutting down on the rubbish you eat
and filling up on fruit and veg will definitely help you to start feeling better
in yourself and less bloated.

Get active
You don't have to join a gym to start doing more exercise every little helps
go for a walk around the block or take the stairs instead of a lift anything.

Use supplements 
Using supplements such as protein shakes can help with your work outs as they can help with
weight loss, toning and muscle gain. You can get them from many places these days and online from sites such as www.multipower.com

Visualise your goals
I really think it helps me to have some sort of goal that I want to achieve when I lost weight before
my goal was to fit back in my pre-pregnancy jeans and my goal
this time is to look good and feel comfortable in a nice dress
for the Christmas party this year. I don't want to look like a frumpy old mum.

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