Holiday Ideas*

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about our holidays next year but it's never too early to start saving up some money each month. I really want to be able to take Thomas on holiday each year. I had a holiday each year and even though we only went abroad twice with my parents we went somewhere in England every year.

As I've got older my ideal holiday has changed, a few years ago I wanted to go abroad probably because I only went a couple of times with my parents it was as if I wanted to make up for lost time. After a couple of holidays abroad David and I have both come to the realisation that going to hot countries just isn't for us as we spend most of our time hiding from the sun in the shade.

One type of holiday I would like to go on is a cruise, I have recently seen some videos of a well know vlogger family who have just taken their 1 year old on a short cruise and surprisingly it looked like it went pretty well. I always thought taking a small child on a cruise would be hard work. Thinking about it though it wouldn’t be any more hard work than taking a child to a hotel, it would probably be better as there is much more space for you to take children exploring and on cruise ships they normally have lots of shops different restaurants swimming pools and play areas for children so it could be a very child friendly holiday.

I love the look of norwegianfjords cruise  the ships look like real luxury I could imagine having a lovely relaxing holiday one these. They also look like they visit some beautiful places a real once in a lifetime holiday. I think we better start saving our pennies we may get there at some point in the future.  

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