How Soon Do You Book Your Holidays?*

David and I have only actually been on one holiday that we booked ourselves before we had Thomas and that was to Turkey a few months after we met and it was a bit of a spur of the moment decision that we decided to book a holiday and get away for a week it was back in those lovely days when I still lived at home and had lots of disposable income and David was living with a friend so didn’t have many bills so I think we had booked and paid for a holiday within about 2 months.

Fast forward a few years and now we live together and we have Thomas and with me only working part time our holidays have to be booked quite far in advance so that we have enough time to save up enough money. I already started thinking about next year’s holiday just after we got back off holiday this year and started putting a bit of money aside each month.

David really wants to take Thomas to Butlins at some point as he use to go there twice a year every year with his parents and I think it would be nice for him to share that and I would also like to go there myself as I have never been before. I have been looking at February half term breaks in 2014 and trying to get something sorted as I would like to have 2 holidays one earlier in the year and then one later on in the year only a week each but I think having 2 holidays like that breaks up the year nicely so you still have something else to look forward to later on in the year. Plus I think a 2 week holiday with Thomas would be a bit too much.

Do you book your holidays far in advance? I know we will have to now but I suppose it will get us use to having to plan our holidays around Thomas’s school holidays when he gets to that age.

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