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I am addicted to Instagram I upload numerous times a day and check my feed numerous times a day to see what others are up to and I have quite a few family members who follow me on there so it is a great way for them to keep up to date with photos of Thomas and to see what he is doing. Sometimes you can capture brilliant photos on your smart phone as it’s so much easier for spur of the moment photos when you don’t have time to load up a camera. I have so many photos that I have uploaded to Instagram and absolutely love and I have tried to print them out through a normal photo printing service but they don’t end up looking very good. I suppose it’s because most normal photo printing services aren’t set up to print the small photos that Instagram.

That’s where Instajunction comes in. Instajunction offers a photo printing service especially for your Instagram photos so they are printed out to the right size and your photos don’t get distorted. Instajunction don’t just print photos you can also create all sorts of fab gifts from normal photos to Polaroid style, flick books, calendars and framed photos through their site which is perfect with Christmas coming up.

When I was given the chance to try out their site I decided to choose the framed photo you have the choice between having a frame containing 1, 4,9 or 16 prints. They are all the same price of £16.99 so I chose the one that contains 16 prints as I knew any less and I wouldn’t be able to choose which photos to have in the frame. The site is really easy to use and it allows you to log straight in to your Instagram account through the site and select the photos you want, you don’t need to bother waiting around for photos to upload

I was very impressed when the frame arrived the delivery itself was super quick and it turned up within a few days in fact I was a bit surprised when it did come.  The frame is really good quality and the photos inside look fab. When you look at the frame you would expect it to have cost a lot more than £24.99. I’m already wondering if I can get a lot more Christmas presents ticked off using this site.

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