Maternity Outfits Don't Need To Be Boring*

When you are pregnant it is easy to get stuck in a bit of a style rut whether it is because you don't want to glam up and draw attention to your blooming body or you simply don't know how to accessorize around a bump. The beautiful Melissa George has recently been snapped in a gorgeous coffee brown maxi dress but she didn't really accessorize at all. So I thought I would share what accessories I would have chosen to wear with that dress.

First things first I would use a sash around the top of the bump
to break the dress up a bit and give it a bit more detail. 

As the dress is quite plain you get to have fun with your jewellery 
You could experiment with yellow gold, white gold or silver and any of these would look
lovely against the colour of the dress.

As Melissa has her hair styled so that you can see her ears I think I would choose 
more of a statement earring what do you think?
I love the chandelier drop style and think these would look fab with this style dress.

The low neckline of this style of dress means that a statement necklace is a must for me 
you will guide attention to that area and if you have a longer necklace it will then draw 
the focus towards your bump that you are no doubt proud to show off.

What do you think, are accessories a must for you?

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