October's Nonabox*

I am sorry that this post is ridiculously late but after a mix up with delivery I have only just received October's box myself but I still wanted to put up my review of the box.

So what did we get in October

 Cloud B are back again with some lovely products, this month we got the Soothing Sounds From Nature Sheep which is a lovely little soft and squidgy sheep which as a voice box in the back with you can set on a timer to play soothing sounds for you baby and can be hung close by their cot so it can help to settle your baby off to the land of nod. Which retails for around the £24 mark so this in itself makes the box worth the money.

Next from Cloud B there is 3 burp cloths tied with a little ribbon and finished off the a little sheep rattle which is super cute and again another quality product from Cloud B.

Next we have a rattle/dummy holder which again is a lovely quality product which retails for around £15 but sadly Thomas is a bit too old to use this now.

I am pleased to see the Halo &  Horns baby moisturiser in the box as I was recommended to try their products out a while back on Twitter and we have been using their body wash so I will be interested to see if this is any good. I'm afraid we wont be able to use it for a while though as Thomas is in the middle of some sort of flare up.

In the box we also got 2 food items some Leibniz butter biscuits which are a hit with Thomas and he is very glad that we got these in the box. Also there was a pouch from Ella's kitchen I have always been a fan of food from Ella's kitchen but I'm afraid we wont be using this as it for stage 3 of weaning for 10months and just by feeling the pouch it feels like it is just puree which Thomas moved on from a long time ago.

There is a pedi wand which I am sure will come in useful for mummy pamper sessions when I have some time to myself.... Actually I think a nice long hot bath is on the cards for tonight.

Finally there are some samples of Tea pigs tea bags. I have tried teas from Tea pigs before and have really enjoyed them they are super tasty. I'm not sure I will be able to stomach these as I use to drink Lemon and ginger tea when suffering with morning sickness with Thomas. Hmm I wonder what the sell by is on these teas I may have to put them up just in case.

All in all the products we got in October are lovely and well worth the money for somebody in the last stages of pregnancy or early motherhood as again the products are aimed at young babies not somebody of Thomas's age but I will definitely be putting them up for future babies.

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  1. The boxes look fab I certainly think I will start buying once I have a baby


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