Present Pressure At Christmas

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As parents we put enough pressure on ourselves all year round to be the best parent that we can be but at Christmas the pressure steps up a gear. It's as if parents go in to some sort of competition against each other to see who can out do each other with presents.

It got me thinking does social media and blogging make us put even more pressure on ourselves by trying to keep up with each other. I have been guilty of uploading photos of Thomas's presents last Christmas and what he had for his birthday not to brag because we get him a modest amount of presents we don't go over the top because I don't see the point as he doesn't even understand what is going on yet. There have been times though when I have seen others upload photos of huge piles of presents and I have thought to myself have we got him enough?

This is only my second Christmas as a parent and I think my dad's views on Christmas has worn off on me already. My dad has always said buying children lots of presents takes away what Christmas is all about. It makes me so sad when children expect to have piles of presents as if it is some kind of right, I have seen children like this being so ungrateful it makes me want to take all their gifts away. I would hate for Thomas to grow up like this.

We have so many people asking us what they can get Thomas for Christmas and the truth is he doesn't really want or need much. You are soon in danger of buying him things that are aimed for older ages and then next year we will be in the same position of not knowing what to get him. I have told many people if they want to get him a present then put something in his savings, something that he will need a lot more later on in life and that is what I am doing. I have bought him a few presents but not many at all and I haven't spent a lot but I will put the rest of the money that I would have spent on him in to his savings account because I know he will need that money a hell of a lot more when he comes to buy his first house than he needs some naff toy just because I felt he needed more things to unwrap Christmas morning.

I have already seen tweets off parents who feel guilty because they haven't got their child much so here is what I say.

Will your child have parents that love them? Will they have a nice warm home on Christmas day? Will they have a full belly? Will you give them lots of cuddles and kisses? Will you share a happy day full of smiles and laughter? That is all they need presents are just a nice extra but that shouldn't be the main focus of Christmas.

Even if you aren't religious Christmas should be more about spending time with your families not worrying in case you haven't got somebody enough presents that will sap the fun right out of the day straight away.

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