Tips For Throwing A Party*

Throwing a party can be quite nerve racking experience and there is always a worry in case something goes wrong or people don’t turn up. So I have compiled some tips for throwing the perfect party and some tips I have followed myself when I have thrown parties in the past. If you are thinking about throwing a party this Christmas period you may want to follow these tips.

Pick a date and give lots of notice
There is no point planning a party and not giving people enough notice to book time off work
or to find a baby sitter.

Pick a theme
If you are planning a themed party especially a fancy dress party then you will need to let
you guests know in advance so they have got enough time to plan their outfits.
There is a useful app from www.fancydressball.co.uk for this where you can invite your guests to join and they can pick which outfit they are thinking about wearing and then people can make sure they wont pick the same outfits.

Choose your decorations
You want your party to look good so decorations are a must, you don’t need to spend
lots of money to make your venue look good. Homemade decorations can look
brilliant. If you have creative friends rope them in to help.

Choose your food.
Food is a pretty important part to any party and you need to make sure that you have food
that will please everybody. If you have children coming make sure that there are child friendly
choices. If you like spicy food then remember that not everybody likes spice.
Also it may be worth trying to find out if any of your guest have special dietary requirements.

Gotta love a bit of party food

Plan your music
These days you can’t just pick a CD and put it on you need to carefully plan your music fits well with your guests. If you like a bit of drum and bass your gran might not. If you have lots of children attending then you will need to make sure that there is no swearing in the music.

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