Where Did My Newborn Go?

Just lately it seems like there are newborns everywhere a couple of Twitter friends have recently given birth to beautiful little babies and it got me thinking about my newborn. Just short of 18 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful little boy as with all expectant mothers I knew I would love this tiny human unconditionally but I just didn't realise how strong and powerful that love would be and I don't think you can ever begin to understand how huge the love is until you become a parent.

I miss those first weeks of newborn-ness so much, I miss the new-ness, I miss the tiny-ness I miss that magical time in our lives. I even miss the night feeds, I know I have said that before but I do. I loved and cherished that special quiet time we shared together Thomas would be restful and enjoy the boobie or the bottle and I would just gaze at him in silence. At the time I use to be eagerly awaiting the time when he would sleep through, I didn't know just how special those times would be and how much I would miss them.

Have you ever seen such a satisfied little face?
Completely sozzled on mummy milk

17 and a half months on and the newborn has grown in to a toddler a tantrum throwing cheeky little toddler.  I couldn't love him more, with every single day I love him more and more. I love the little boy that he is growing in to I love watching his personality grow, everyday he does something new and everyday he does something that has me in stitches it's like he knows how to make you laugh. 

Thomas is also very good at cheering you up I only ever lay down on the settee when I'm not very well and he must know that, whether he senses it or just the miserable look on my face tells him that something isn't right with mummy but he will come and rest his head on the settee next to me or he will give me a kiss. Once I was watching something sad on the tele and I started to tear up and he offered me his dummy which obviously sent me over the edge he just amazes me.

Thomas is not only my son but he is already my little friend and I just hope that we will always have our close bond and so many more wonderfully funny times together. 

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