Wooden Block Train Fun

Thomas received this lovely little wooden train for his birthday but at the time he was still obsessed with putting things in his mouth I was a little worried about letting him play with it then. Now Thomas has gotten older he is less interested in putting things in his mouth I thought it was time to bring out his train.

I love to just sit and watch Thomas when he is concentrating you can really see his brain ticking away. I love this train for introducing more fiddly play, Thomas has already learned the right way to put the blocks for example he knows that the curved blocks fit on better with the straight edge at the bottom, it's great for teaching your toddler about problem solving.

When Thomas has put all the block on to the train he simply tips it up so he can start all over again and he will sit for quite a long time in Thomas time (He normally prefers more active play)

When Thomas gets bored of putting the blocks on and off the train he can also just play with them pushing them around. I love how colourful and bright the train and blocks are it makes it so much more fun for toddlers to play with, colourful toys are always the best.

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