Creating family fun on a Central European adventure*

Road trips are a great way to explore large stretches of mainland Europe. Taking in a few countries at a time, you can sample different cultures and cuisines, see all different amazing sights and come back home feeling like you’ve accomplished something huge. However, is it any different when you have the kids with you, no matter where you’re going?

If you’re planning a family road trip, you might wonder what you can do to keep the kids entertained without it coming at your expense. It’s all about choosing the right route for your trip – one that has plenty of attractions and sights along the way, not to mention amazing roads.
Down along the Danube
A good route the whole family can enjoy takes in three of Europe’s most aesthetically pleasing capital cities – Vienna in Austria, Prague in the Czech Republic and Budapest in Hungary. All three are close to the river Danube, one of Europe’s longest.
The route begins in Prague, which has plenty to offer for visitors young and old. You can start your week-long Central European trip by dining at the Choco Caf矇, a family-friendly restaurant near the Old Town Square serving hot chocolate as well as lunchtime staples like Panini. The Holiday Market in Startomestske Namesti in the medieval district is a good place to spend the afternoon.
Exploring the rest of the square is something else you can do over the rest of the day. On day two, you might like to visit St Vitus’s Cathedral, one of the largest in the region and other landmarks like the Old Royal Palace. Golden Lane is another place you might like to walk down – the houses are like something out of a fairy-tale!
Viennese delight
After leaving Prague on the third day, you can visit Vienna. On arrival, you should try and visit a restaurant which serves Wiener schnitzel, the national dish of Austria in the evening – a breaded meat cutlet.  Day five should consist of visits to Viennese landmarks including the Belvedere Palace, the Museums Quartier and, in the evening, a trip to the Christmas Market!

Many of Vienna’s greatest experiences are only accessible by car, the majority of roads throughout are well-treated both in urban and rural environments.  
"It's a fact that driving around Vienna is very popular as many of the roads offer some of the best views in the whole of Europe. It would be wise avoiding using the vehicles horn in Vienna or near hospitals as you may easily receive a fine. It is illegal to overtake school buses when the yellow lights on the vehicle are flashing. Also know warning triangle, first-aid kit and reflective vest must be kept in the car at all times. They are considered essentials and there are chances to receive a fine" according to Mike Callaghan a spokesperson and Head of Argus Car Hire.

On Day six of your trip, the final stop is Budapest, a city which is two halves – Buda and Pest. It’s reachable by train in just two and a half hours and, on arrival, there are so many places to start. A trip up Castle Hill via funicular will offer panoramic views of St Matthias Cathedral, the Hungarian National Gallery and, of course, views of the Danube!
The final day in Budapest is an ideal opportunity to see how they celebrate Christmas there. The Christmas Fair in Vorosmarty square is great for a bargain and bite to eat, while a swim in the Szechenyi Baths will be a perfect end to a perfect week.
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